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As an educator, my focus is to inspire knowledgeable students while also cultivating artists who understand different art forms  while encouraging them to pursue innovative forms of art that speak to their own cultures and life experiences. My goals as an educator are to foster an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and at its core, based on equity. I want to invite my students to the table to have meaningful conversations to change the power dynamic within any environment where art is being created. The need for equity within sex, gender, race, sexuality, and disability is the foundation of my teaching philosophy. I meet students where they are and help them become performers, academics, artists, and knowledgeable community members within our world.  The roots of my work as both an artist and educator are rooted in advocacy and facilitating conversations about politics, activism, aesthetics, culture, personal identity, sexuality, gender identity, and religion. 


 As an educator, my work begins and ends with the student. 



Arts Education Initiatives 

The following are initiatives Triston Pullen has created, co-created, or helped facilitate.


Walt Whitman Initiative 

Robust American Lover Speaker Series 

The Walt Whitman Initiative is proud to present the Robust American Love Speaker Series!  These timely conversations on Whitman’s life, work and legacy are designed to be public-facing and accessible to all.  Attend the talks live or enjoy them later at the Whitman Initiative YouTube channel. Presentations are free, informal, and will often include interviews and question and answer sessions with audience members.

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